Water is life, and it is imperative that we purify and preserve this valuable resource. Water recycling is vital to assist with the reduction of our ecological footprint. At P & Q Solutions, we offer sustainable eco-friendly solutions for the purification of water.

Apart from the most common form of water purification, microbial cleaning of water, we also have other environmentally orientated methods of cleansing water. Our speciality equipment and additives for water treatment assists nature to recover in such a way that wildlife starts returning to the treated area.

Grey water, such as water from your dishwasher, washing machine, bath and shower, as well as other waste or contaminated water, can be converted for use on crops, and in vegetable- and flower gardens, by the addition of bactericides or microbial treatment.

Our water treatments assist with the removal of pathogens, freeing the water of toxins and chemicals, as well as odour reduction, to mention a few.

P & Q Solutions’ additives are utilised:

  • In sewage works
  • With grey water treatment
  • At abattoirs
  • For mine water purification
  • And many more
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Nature loves our products

Our water treatment solutions contributes to the recovery of nature to the extent that wildlife starts returning to the treated area. This photo was taken at a non-operational sewerage plant treated with our microbial products.