& Development

We are a solutions-driven company that aims to solve problems by developing speciality and niche products for a variety of markets and industries. Our Research and Development Team will analyse and assess each situation at hand and provide a sustainable solution for every unique need or problem.

The Team is led by our in-house development Chemist, Malcolm Donaldson, who holds a BSC in Chemistry, as well as a MBA. Malcolm has extensive experience in working in laboratories, inclusive of mining laboratories, and has a reputation for developing innovative and sustainable environmentally friendly solutions for any industry.

P & Q Solutions boasts an in-house laboratory, where most of the analytical and development work are performed. Our partnerships with other established chemical and development laboratories ensure that innovative solutions are achieved, even in the unlikely event that development needs to be done off-site.

All our products and solutions are aimed at assisting and returning balance to our eco-systems. We take our responsibility towards the environment and the next generation very seriously and ensure our products and solutions are viable, yet responsible. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available for all of P & Q Solutions’ products.