Micro-biological chemicals are used in sewage plants, static and portable toilets, abattoirs, as well as for pathogen removal from water. It is also effective for land rejuvenation, in the event of oil and solvent spillages. Oil separation, in this instance, is achieved by converting the oil into environmentally friendly additives.

Our speciality microbial products are also effective in the medical and relevant waste management industries and will degrade antibiotics and medical waste, such as medicines. It also degrades surfactants into harmless substances.

P & Q Solutions’ enzyme and bacterial microbial cleaning products convert waste into humus. Humus is the organic component of soil, formed by the decomposition of leaves and other plant material by soil micro-organisms. In other words, our products assist nature to recover and flourish again.

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Microbial cleaning in action

This series of photos was taken at a sewerage plant that was non-operational, but that needed urgent treatment. After three months of treatment with P & Q Solutions’ microbial products the water reached a level of purification acceptable to be released back into the river. Wildlife also started returning back to the area.