We offer solutions for air-born and surface road dust.

Our dust suppression chemicals, available in concentrate form, are ready to use when diluted on various dust types, inclusive of coal, iron ore, copper ore and limestone, to mention a few. Air-born dust problems can be solved with short-term and long-term suppression. Our speciality road dust binder is a polymeric based product that offers a long-term solution.

P & Q Solutions’ dust suppression products are developed to be utilised at mines and construction sites, for use on mine dumps, farm roads and public dirt roads, to mention a few.

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Eco tested

Dust Suppression test

Extensive tests have been conducted to ensure that our dust suppression products are environmentally friendly. The plants in this test were subjected to our solutions daily over a period of three weeks. The plants were watered and the solutions were also sprayed onto the leaves every day.

(L to R): Water only, short-term air-borne dust suppressant, long-term air-borne dust suppressant.

Road test

This video shows the effectiveness of our surface/road dust suppression solution. Note the difference in colour and surface between the treated and untreated areas.